"I've been in Susan's ballet class ever since it began ten years ago. The main reason I joined was because the class offered to improve both my balance and posture. And it did! It also introduced me to new friends and we have great times together. I feel healthier and happier now then I did ten years ago. The reason the hour ballet class passes by all too quicky is hearing Tanya playing such beautiful music for us.

I highly recommend this class for all the above reasons." Jeanne, from Shannondell

"I think Susan and Tanya do a great job. I love the music and Susan provides a great workout. I look forward to chair ballet, I enjoy it and it's very entertaining." Jim, Brandywine, Upper Providence

"I am an Activities Director at a senior living facility. I plan, facilitate and experience a wide variety of programs. Chair Ballet is by far one of the best programs offered to our residents. Residents will agree that the combination of instructional dance and classical piano sets the stage for a lively fitness class. This program appeals to and engages all who attend, from those who are physically inclined to those who limited physical capabilities. " Shantelle McCullough Escapades Producer, Brandywine Living, Upper Providence

"My very favorite activity, here at Shannondell, is the Senior Ballet Class. I am not only enjoying dancing itself, but also the companionship of the excellent instructor and pianist, Susan and Tanya, and all the other ladies in our group. I am very happy and thankful to be a part of this excellent activity." Dana, from Shannondell

"I have been working with Susan Cade and Tatyana Shargorodsky for more than six years. They have done a fantastic job in bringing the joy of dance and live music to our seniors. They have created two programs: Memory and Personal Care both of which they love and always look forward to.

For two years during National Assisted Aging Week, our seniors and Pages to Pirouettes Ballet Company have jointly participated in a production of The Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. This was an unforgettable experience. Family and staff members were proud to see their loved ones perform in this intergenerational experience.

Susan and Tatyana bring a vibrant energy and inspiration to our residents, not only to dance but to pursue their dreams! They give each participant special individual attention, all the while helping them to build skills and confidence. We are very grateful for their guidance and pure hearts, which bring smiles and a strong family spirit to all those who share time with them."

Galina, Former Activities Director, Brandywine Living at Senior Suites, East Norriton

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